About me

... and my passion

I am Lady Vivian and I was born a little bit more than 30 years ago in a provincial town near Munich.

Because I work in Munich and my life partner is a real “Munich Kindl” too, I am now also living there.


Together we enjoy and realize our passion and it is fantastic just like it is.


Already in young years I was confronted with SM and enjoyed venyl, leather, latex and other pleasurable materials on my skin for the first time.


I loved it from the outset.


I was also admitted in the austere way of SM.

I learned to know the full range of suppression, slavery, sadism, hardness to myself, hardness and dominance towards others. I lived with them and entered into an identification process some times later.

Today the multiple experiences give me insights into all facets of the BDSM scene and I am going my own way of domination.

Enjoying to show erotic outfits and numerous session performances at many different fetish events and SM parties at home and abroad, the conviction came by friends and circle of acquaintances to give an understanding of a part of live from the world of the Lady Vivian to you as well.

My own photo series are of different quality.


This is due to the fact that I do not only like to be photographed by the camera of my man, but also collected my experiences within different photo shootings with professional photographers.


A great thank you to everybody here.

With the following pictures I do not only appear as a fetish Lady, but also give an insight into my nature, my own BDSM passion.

I live my dreams and show you on my fetish pages, the pleasure of dominance and aesthetics.

If you are looking for personal contact, have ideas or simply want to let me know something.... do not hesitate to write me or use the guestbook.

Now, a lot of fun visiting my sides.


Lady Vivian

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